Photo of Brigitte Gledhill talking to a client

It helps to have a Co-Pilot in your life!

Many of us go through periods of indecision, worry, fear, lack of self-confidence and the like during our lifetime. Sometimes we feel like we are flying through fog, unsure of the destination, or suffering turbulence. Talking openly in a safe environment to a non-judgmental, neutral life-coach can help to set us back on track, rediscover hidden talents, work through mental blockages and gain confidence. That is what kopfpilot is all about. Kopf is the German word for “head/mind”. I offer my services as Co[ach]-Pilot to help remove the clouds from your mind and enable you to set a clear course to your next destination.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®

I am the first and only licenced Feel The Fear... and Do It Anyway® trainer  in Austria, running workshops and one-on-one coaching based on Susan Jeffer’s best-selling self-help book of the same name.

Co - as in Communication

From Co[ach] Pilot to Co[mmunication] Pilot: Need something translating? Allow me to navigate through cultural differences and around the risk of being misunderstood to ensure that your German text experiences a perfect English landing!