Photo shows stone with the words "From one language to another" engraved in it

Finding the right words...

Got the perfect German text and now want the same professional quality in English?

Whether it is an article, newsletter, bestseller, advertising blurb or web page contents, I am happy to give you a no-obligation quote along with a “translation taster”. If these meet your expectations, then you can look forward to a high-quality translation within a realistic, pre-defined time-period.

Interested? Drop me a line via my contact page, and I will be in touch!

...and doing the right thing 

Finding the right words goes hand in hand with doing the right thing. I have been voluntarily translating various documents for the Cargo Human Care Association since 2010. This charity, set up by a Lufthansa freighter pilot, comprises a number of humanitarian projects in Kenya, and all money donated goes directly to these projects. (Less than 1% administration costs)